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How To Become An Influencer Marketer: Influencer Checklist

Written By: United For Success In Life
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Influencer Checklist

Becoming an influencer?  Here’s a checklist to help you stay on track while you’re building your audience and boosting brand exposure. 

1. Engage your following on a daily basis. Schedule posts

and updates and take advantage of automation tools, whenever


2. Be transparent in what you share, who you work with, and

what you promote. If you’re hired to create a paid post or

participate in a take-over, be upfront with your audience.  

3. Implement disclosures on your website that explain how

you’re compensated as well as how you use a visitor’s


If you rent out space in your newsletter, or participate in

newsletter swaps where you’re sharing your leads with others,

you need to make sure your subscribers know about it.

4. Don’t use sneaky terms. Be honest. If you’re advertising,

call it an ad or sponsored post.  Don’t try to deceive your


Trust is everything in influence marketing so don’t squander

what you’ve worked hard to build.

5. Work with companies and brands that align with your core

values and make sense to your market. Don’t weaken your brand

by diluting it with repeated offers that your audience won’t

be interested in.


That’s it for today! I hope this simple checklist helps you stay on track.

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